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Our Method

We work with you and your team to apply the methodology of Lean to your processes. 

Lean is an overall philosophy that strives to make you and your customers more successful by systematically and relentlessly eliminating waste. We do this while engaging your people in the improvement process and focusing on creating more value at every step.

Lean thinking always starts with the customer. 

The Lean Cycle

5 lean principles.JPG

Define Value from the point of view of your process customer. Determine what your are trying to achieve and why your customer wants it. 


Map Value Stream by identifying all of the process steps required to deliver your product or service to your customer. Understand your current state and your desired future state. 

Create Flow within your new and improved process by systematically eliminating process waste with the goal of improving your service level and decreasing your lead time.

Establish a Pull System by letting the customer pull products or services as needed.

Pursue Perfection by returning to the first step and beginning the next Lean transformation. 

“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company

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